Simplix Pack to update Live Win7 System/ Integrate hotfixes into Win7 distribution

Simplix Pack to update Live Win7 System/ Integrate updates into Win7 or Server 2008

Set allows you to update Windows 7 SP1 (x86 x64) and Server 2008 R2 SP1 live operating systems, as well as to integrate the updates in the distribution (Install.wim). Can be installed on any language. Includes all critical, recommended, and security updates and updates for all versions of Internet Explorer. Source: thread

Usually the Pack is updated approx. on 15-20th day each month!

To download UpdatePack7R2 version 17.7.15 (size 668 MB) please refer to the above mentioned original site.
Just in case, here are the original download mirrors for the Pack: (edit: updated July 15, 2017)

File: UpdatePack7R2-17.7.15.exe

Checksum information
Name: UpdatePack7R2-17.7.15.exe
Size: 701422368 bytes (668 MB)
CRC32: 8009BE8B
SHA1: 6F338F27E244BC90AC31801702435486E88E6734
BLAKE2sp: 3D644FEFDB0F0031218108EAEDF01F5767C647EC7FE87BA2898BEC2158DBEABB



Auto Driver Installer July 12 2017

Silent one click install

Driver Installer 06/11/2017 Drivers packs for
Windows XP,7, 8,8.1,10 x86 and x64
Auto Driver Installer July 12 2017

Auto Driver Installer July 12 2017

DP_Bluetooth_17071.7z 41.50
DP_Chipset_17071.7z 140.50
DP_LAN_Intel_17062.7z 18.84
DP_LAN_Others_17063.7z 50.65
DP_LAN_Realtek-NT_17071.7z 15.77
DP_MassStorage_17064.7z 37.51
DP_Sound_Creative_17064.7z 124.44
DP_Sound_VIA_17000.7z 69.58
DP_Sounds_HDMI_17062.7z 12.49
DP_Sounds_Realtek_17051.7z 308.93
DP_Video_Intel-NT_17064.7z 950.94
DP_Videos_AMD-NT_17071.7z 1950.37
DP_WLAN-WiFi_17071.7z 289.74